wtf is backdrop?

{hi} I'm A. Alexander and we just met at INFOCOMM
I wanted to make sure you had some info rather than just sending you to our site ( which isn't amazing!

Our software actually helps A/V manufactures enable their sales team by framing proposals and documents with a backdrop (get it?) that features your organizations work, previous experience as well as sprinkles in useful links and actions like booking. Ultimately you'll close more business and know more about how and when to act on your prospects!

Top 3 Features specific to A/V:
- Manage a library of frequently sent documents
- Reduce the time your sales people spend finding and sending
- Get full insight into who clicked and looked at your documents, from where, when and for how long.

If I were you, I'd do one of these things next.
--> Check out this awesome case study by SHURE
--> Book a demo with me here

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